Harmony Martsinyshyn Premium Device

/ субота, 21 Листопад 2015 / Опубліковано в Без категорії

Ukrainian scientist and inventor, Doctor of Sciences, academician of Oxford Academic Union, England, and Noosheric Academy of Science and Education, Russia, Yurii Danylovych Martsinyshyn.

He invented HARMONIA MARTSINYSHYN® Premium device (hereinafter referred to as HARMONIA device), which belongs to molecular biological nanotechnology. This device prepares living highly organized water, makes it thinner and biologically active and transfers it to nanoscale level, that is the water transfers to the new state of matter aggregation, commonly known as Martsinyshyn’s effect.

Such water is a donor and acceptor at the same time and works on the cellular level in the cattle’s organism as a smart cluster catalyst. It accelerates metabolic and digestive processes of cattle and other animals, decelerates pathogenic processes in animal organism and having durable action, reduces it to zero.

Water makes up 80 % of animal organism and its performance quality depends on the quality of chemical, physical and quantum parameters of water, consumed by the animal. Water is the primary and dominant food product. Highly organized water smoothes destructive food parameters!

Water is transparent for human eye, and it is hard to imagine that it can be thin, less thin or thinner. Let’s take salt or sugar, for example. Each crystal can be separate or bound in a knob. The separate crystals and exterior part of the knob can react. Water can also be bound in a knob. In such a case it is less thin (water is solvent) and it has high superficial tension.

HARMONIA transforms water to individual crystals, that is makes it living and highly organized, reduces its superficial tension. Water becomes thin with a high solubility factor (the solubility factor of such water increases 80 times). It takes information pathogenic wakes. Such water promotes easy bonds opening in food, which makes it possible for cattle to consume more food with fewer efforts for digestive system. It needs less animal catalysts for digestion, so it can consume more food, which assures higher milk yield and increases gain.

The processes pass on nanoscale level: 1 nanometer is equal to 1/1 000 000 000 meters. The size of bacteria, virus and other organisms ranges within 10 nanometers to 500 nanometers. The size of water molecule is less than 1 nanometer!

Application of water preparing system HARMONIA prevents the following diseases of cattle: diseases of mammary grand and respiratory organs, reduces puerperal endometritis and necrotic stomatitis, increases systematic immunity and has antiparasitic action. It is resistant to ketosis (false milk fever). Calving index comes up to 100 %. The rate and number of anaerobic and other microorganism growth increases, which promotes quick and high transformation of plant protein of cattle and increases its energetic component. Due to HARMONIA MARTSINYSHYN® Premium device the conditions for pH normalizing at the level of pH 6.8 are created; microorganism populations become more active; animal organism has no sense of diet change and adapts the microflora quickly.


  • Food consumption increases, including in the heat period.
  • Prevents from loss of the live weight during lactation.
  • Restores energy balance.
  • Quick reaching of lactation peak.
  • Lactation and health support.
  • Increase of milk yield and its quality.
  • Gain in weight in course of
  • Service-period reduction
  • Lactation and health support
  • Reproductive capacity support
  • Follicular development support
  • Mastitis protection increase
  • Oxidative stress reduction
  • Litter delay prevention


  • Healthy limbs
  • Paunch pH control
  • Acidosis control
  • Mastitis prevention
  • Heat stress control
  • Reduction of animal diseases
  • Milk yield maximizing on lactation peak
  • Cow’s immunity stimulation
  • Optimal preparation for calving
  • Feed conversion rate improvement
  • Livestock genetic potential implementation
  • Substantial decrease of the number of flies in premises
  • Increase of keratin content in hooves and udder
  • Improvement of working conditions for operating personnel
  • Milk yield increase (up to 15 %)
  • Fat content support in milk
  • Milk quality improvement (higher protein level in milk)
  • Additional receiving of 500-1500 kg of milk per lactation
  • Assurance of higher profit per one cow annually
  • Efficiency improvement of feed use up to 10-15%
  • Support of high gain of growing cattle and meat cattle
  • Better N conversion (up to 45 %)
  • Cost reduction of ration/kg milk
  • “Smart” protein feeding of animals
  • Lowering of protein general level in ration
  • Offers “space” for more fodder in ration
  • Meeting the needs of cow in non-replaceable amino acids
  • Environmental conservation due to lowering of nitrogen emission
  • Liver “stress” reduction
  • Animal stock generation improvement
  • Paunch healthy microflora support
  • Urea level reduction in milk and blood
  • Cow’s energetic status improvement
  • Lowering of NH3 extreme concentration in paunch
  • Sex hormones synthesis and metabolism stimulation